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14 Days for Krafton India to Prove Themselves Right : Court

The Indian government banned BGMI due to security concerns. So Krafton India officials reached out to discuss certain things. 

Krafton reached the court to fight for themselves and since the past few days, a lot of discussions have been happening in the court. 

Fans and esports athletes have been worried since 28th July as their favourite game BGMI just disappeared. 

The ban was imposed under section 69A of the IT Act. This means that somewhere Krafton leaked data to China. 

Krafton India Gets 14 Days :  

After a lot of efforts from Krafton, the court has given them 14 days to prove their innocence. The company will have to submit all the data related to BGMI. 

It must prove that there is no data sharing with China, and therefore, it is not a threat to national security. 

On 30 July, Mr Sean Hyunil Sohn, the CEO of Krafton India made an official announcement through a press release. 

In the message he wrote that they always follow the rules and regulations in India. He ensured that the company is resolving the issue and hopefully continue their operations in India. 

He has also asked fans to keep patience until further announcements.  

BGMI Ban Effect on Esports :

Although esports doesn’t mean just BGMI, but it has been a significant factor in the Indian gaming industry. The huge fanbase for the game, the streamers and the achievements gave a boost to esports in India. 

The industry just started growing at a high rate. Now that the game is not playable, it may severely affect the esports scenario. 

Not just BGMI, the government has banned PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Arena of Valor as well.

However, we still have hope. If the company is innocent, then definitely the game would return. Till then, fans must be patient and wait for further notices. 

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