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14-year-old Boy Commits Suicide, police suspects gaming addiction

A 14-year old boy commits suicide in Mumbai, police suspects gaming addiction. The Bhoiwada police are investigating his death to find out whether any task or challenge in the game led the boy to take such an extreme step.

According to the police, the boy was addicted to Garena Free Fire, a popular battle royale game recently banned by the Government of India.

Fourteen-year-old Boy Commits Suicide allegedly due to gaming addiction.

On Sunday evening, the boy’s father was traveling back home with his wife when he received a call from his son at 7:22 pm. As they were traveling, they were not able to answer the call. After some time they tried calling their son back, but he did not answer the phone calls. 

The parents rushed back home where they found the room was locked from inside. The father broke the glass of the door and unlocked it to find out that the boy has committed suicide. 

The deputy commissioner of police, Vijay Patil, said, “Preliminary probe has revealed that the boy was Free Fire online gaming addict, but what exactly triggered him to take the extreme step is still a mystery.”

However, his parents and teachers didn’t find anything suspicious and said he was a good student and fond of cricket.

Another Police officer added, “The online game he was addicted to needed to be played in groups. So we are trying to find out who his friends were and who were his co-players in the game to ascertain if anything happened during the game that led him to take the drastic step.”

The phone has been sent to the forensic lab to retrieve all the data on it. According to another police officer, his browsing history mostly consisted of online gaming and cricket.

Jitendra Pawar, the senior inspector of Bhoiwada police, said, “No note written by the boy was found. Nothing important from his mobile conversations with his friends is found. His teachers say that he was studious. His parents also didn’t complain of anything suspicious.”

Gaming and Esports are on the rise, everyone must be aware of it. On the same time, players must be held responsible for their action. Gaming addiction is not the problem of a game, but of the players. Players should be aware of it

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