Apex Legends Fallen ANgle

In a thrilling turn of events, Apex Legends enthusiasts have been treated to a sneak peek of the highly anticipated Fallen Angel bundle. Dataminers have recently uncovered the existence of this enticing skinline, igniting a wave of anticipation among the game’s dedicated fanbase. Although the official reveal is yet to come, the leaked information has shed light on what players can expect from this upcoming addition to Apex Legends Season 17.

Apex Legends Fallen Angel Skins: Everything You Need To Know

The leak emerged through a tweet by user SenosApex, who unveiled the Fallen Angel bundle prior to any official announcements. It didn’t take long for the Apex Legends community to catch wind of the news, with another influential user, HYPERMYST, confirming the skins’ existence and impending release in a subsequent tweet.

According to the leaked details provided by SenosApex and HYPERMYST, the Fallen Angel skins will be available as separate bundles, each boasting its own unique set of offerings. Moreover, the Dark Apparition Bundle, Dark Apparition Pack Bundle, Soulless Sentry Bundle, Soulless Sentry Pack Bundle, Fallen Guardian Bundle, and Fallen Guardian Pack Bundle will showcase striking skins, banner frames, two weapon cosmetics, and a generous inclusion of 20x Generic Apex Packs tailored for Wraith, Revenant, and Gibraltar enthusiasts.

 Furthermore, the community anticipated that these captivating offerings may range between 2500-3950 Apex Coins, approximately equating to USD 25-40.

Notably, these skins are creative recolors of previously popular cosmetics. In a strategic move, Respawn Entertainment aims to captivate their player base by providing fresh options that can be exclusively purchased using Apex Coins, making them unavailable for acquisition through Crafting Materials or Legend Tokens.