COD Mobile

In Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) Season 5, players will get to embark on a thrilling marine adventure. Scheduled for release on the 31st of May at 5 PM PT, this upcoming season, aptly named “Get Wrecked,” promises to bring a wave of fresh content, exciting game modes, and captivating updates.

COD: Mobile Season 5 Brings a Plethora of Rewards

The theme for Season 5 revolves around the high seas, where players will find themselves engaging in intense battles on ship decks and even underwater. The storyline sets the stage for a clash with the Atlas Corporation, which has overstepped its boundaries yet again, leading to widespread protests and demonstrations. As the chaos ensues, players must take a stand and prove their worth amidst the turmoil. Who will emerge victorious when the dust settles?

Building upon previous marine-themed seasons, this iteration promises a unique and immersive experience for COD Mobile enthusiasts. With its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, the season aims to keep players on the edge of their seats.

One of the highlights of Season 5 is the Battle Pass, offering a host of enticing rewards for players to unlock. From captivating Operator Skins like Rampage – Showdown, Synaptic – Neutralizer, Sims – Regulator, and Roze – Smokey Skies to powerful Weapon Blueprints including AK117 – Corporate Issue, ZRG 20MM – Holy Roman, FFAR 1 – Burnt a Cinder, Shorty – Patched, and Switchblade X9 – Treachery, there’s something for every player to strive for.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 Brings a New Map – Armada Strike

Adding to the excitement is the introduction of a new multiplayer map – Armada Strike. This vast battleground allows for 6v6 matches in the Cold War multiplayer mode, featuring intense skirmishes above and below deck. Moreover, with rappel lines facilitating rapid access between levels, aquatic flanking attacks, and a critical control room to fight over, Armada Strike promises thrilling gameplay and strategic opportunities.

Season 5 also introduces a new scorestreak called The Guardian. Players will have the ability to deploy this device, emitting a cone of radiation that impedes enemy movement, distorts their vision, and inflicts minor damage. This valuable asset adds an extra layer of tactical depth to the battlefield.

Additionally, the game welcomes a brand-new multiplayer mode called Search & Rescue. Combining elements from Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed, this mode challenges players to attack or defend bomb sites. Notably, it introduces a novel feature to COD Mobile’s multiplayer experience: the ability to revive downed teammates once per round.

Furthermore, Battle Royale enthusiasts can look forward to the inclusion of the highly sought-after Trophy System in loot drops, enhancing the tactical aspects of the game mode. Season 5 also introduces the FFAR 1 assault rifle to the game’s arsenal, providing players with more firepower options.

With the World Championship Qualifiers approaching, COD Mobile offers players a chance to earn up to 12,000 CP in stage 3. Moreover, as the season progresses, players can anticipate an array of additional seasonal content to be released throughout the coming month.