Disguised Toast

In a bold move that has sparked excitement among fans, popular streamer Disguised Toast has officially announced his entry into the competitive League of Legends (LoL) scene. Additionally, Toast will field his own team in the highly competitive North American Challengers League (NACL) for the upcoming 2023 Summer Split.

Team Disguised To Sign a NA Challengers League Team

Toast’s entry into the NACL marks a significant milestone in his esports journey. Just two days after rumors began swirling about his potential involvement, Riot Games confirmed the news in a recent blog post, unveiling the ten teams set to compete in the league. Moreover, with Toast’s team being one of the newcomers, the anticipation surrounding his roster selection is growing.

While Toast has kept the players on his lineup under wraps, speculations are running high, given the talent pool available in the NACL. The recent departure of several LCS organizations from the region’s tier-two scene has opened up opportunities for aspiring players. Notable prospects like former 100 Thieves Challengers top laner Rayan “Sniper” Shoura and former TSM AD carry Lawrence “Lost” Hui are among the available options for Toast to consider.

Toast’s immense popularity within the esports and streaming community will bring a fresh wave of visibility and excitement to the NACL. The league has faced challenges with development and growth, leading to skepticism about the existence of a clear path to pro in North America. However, with Toast’s fan base and charismatic presence, there is a new hope for the league’s future.

The streamer’s decision to venture into competitive LoL demonstrates his commitment to exploring new avenues and engaging with his audience in innovative ways. Furthermore, Toast’s entry into the NACL solidifies his status as a multi-disciplinary esports figure.

As the 2023 Summer Split approaches, all eyes are on Disguised Toast and his team, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of their roster.