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Excitement is mounting as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) prepares to make its highly anticipated comeback, and one of India’s leading esports organizations, Global Esports (GE), is leaving no stone unturned in its preparations. Although GE does not currently have a BGMI lineup. CEO Rushindra Sinha recently revealed that he has plans in place to assemble a top-tier team once the game is relaunched.

Global Esports To Reenter BGMI Esports

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the news and have expressed their hopes of seeing the talented Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh join GE’s BGMI squad. The prospect of Mavi’s addition has only intensified the excitement surrounding GE’s upcoming lineup. To further fuel speculation, Mavi himself made a surprise appearance during the livestream and interacted with members of the Global Esports Content House.

This unexpected interaction has set off a wave of speculation among fans, leaving them wondering if Mavi will indeed join Global Esports in the near future.

During the livestream, Rushindra Sinha shared some key insights with viewers. He made it clear that the organization would not be acquiring or sponsoring existing lineups for BGMI, opting instead to build a team from scratch. Sinha emphasized that Global Esports has a track record of nurturing champions organically rather than purchasing them and expressed confidence in replicating their past success in the game. The decision to part ways with the previous roster was unrelated to the game’s ban and was driven by divergent future plans and visions. Notably, the players were even paid their salaries during the nine-month ban, highlighting Global Esports’ commitment to supporting them.

Sinha also spoke highly of Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandar, a former player, praising his impressive qualities and strong desire for victory. He expressed optimism about the potential of Fierce joining Global Esports, considering his young age and the room for growth he possesses.

In addition, Sinha appealed to viewers, emphasizing that maintaining a positive gaming environment was a collective responsibility shared by the entire community. While tournament organizers, players, and owners would continue to fulfill their respective roles, viewers were encouraged to contribute by avoiding toxic behavior and setting healthy boundaries for their gaming hours.

It will be exciting to see if Global Esports retain its champion title after BGMI’s relaunch.