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In a bid to comply with Indian government regulations and ensure a smooth relaunch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Krafton, the South Korean video game developer, has updated its privacy policy. The company is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to make BGMI a permanent fixture beyond the three-month trial period.

Krafton Adds Three Hours Playtime Limits and Spending Limit for Underage Players

The updated privacy policy of BGMI introduces several key changes. Notably, Krafton has specified that the data of Indian players will be stored exclusively within the borders of India and Singapore. The company emphasizes that access to personal information is strictly limited to authorized personnel, including employees, agents, and contracted third parties who are bound by confidentiality agreements. Unauthorized access to personal information is explicitly prohibited without approval.

One notable addition to the privacy policy is the implementation of new policies for players under 18 years old. Krafton now requires users below the legal adult age to obtain data storage consent from their parents or guardians for their account to be included in the database. The policy states that players under 18 will be asked to provide their parent’s or guardian’s mobile phone number to confirm their eligibility. If a parent or guardian believes that their child under 18 has provided personal information without consent, they can contact Krafton to request the deletion of their child’s information from the system.

While these policies may pose challenges for underage gamers, they are seen as necessary steps to align with government regulations concerning user harm and addiction. BGMI already enforces a daily playtime limit of three hours for players under 18, encouraging responsible gaming practices. Additionally, the game currently imposes a daily in-game spending limit of INR 7,000 to prevent overspending and excessive gaming.

Whether these policy changes will be sufficient to ensure the game’s long-term availability remains uncertain. Krafton’s proactive approach to privacy and user protection will likely play a vital role in addressing concerns raised by regulators and safeguarding the interests of underage players. As the three-month trial period progresses, further evaluations will determine the effectiveness and sustainability of these updated policies.