Revival of LOL: Wild Rift World Championship Looms in 2024

Rumors are circulating within the gaming community that the world of esports might soon witness the resurgence of the League of Legends: Wild Rift World Championship in the year 2024. After a pause in operations during 2022, Riot Games is believed to be considering a rekindling of the global championship event. While official confirmation is yet to surface, insights from key figures and the context of past decisions offer a glimpse into the potential return of this highly anticipated event.

The LoL: Wild Rift Esports Hiatus

In 2022, Riot Games made a strategic choice to temporarily halt the operations of the League of Legends: Wild Rift league. This hiatus allowed the company to shift its attention towards the thriving Asian gaming market, a region where the game had gained considerable traction. Despite the pause, Riot Games pledged support for third-party tournaments on a global scale. This decision set the groundwork for the rumored resurgence of the World Championship.

LoL: Wild Rift Return Rumors

Amid a gradual decline in the excitement surrounding the Wild Rift esports scene outside of Asia, whispers of a significant international event have begun to emerge. Multiple sources suggest that Riot Games might be contemplating an international championship event for the year 2024. While there is no official statement yet, the insights of Glaceox, the head coach of the Buriram United Esports Wild Rift team, offer a valuable perspective on the potential revival of the global competitive stage.

Glaceox’s observations shed light on the challenges that have hampered the growth of Wild Rift esports. Notably, the poor cost-to-viewer ratio has posed difficulties for the scene’s expansion, particularly beyond the Asian region. The dominance of Asian teams in the international arena presents hurdles for non-Asian counterparts aspiring to make their mark. Furthermore, Glaceox underscores the limitations of grassroots esports development, which has struggled to reach critical mass and justify an international-level tournament.

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Should Riot Games decide to proceed with an international event, Glaceox envisions a departure from the traditional format of qualifiers. Instead, an invitation-based approach might be adopted, wherein a single team from each non-Asian region is invited to participate. This streamlined method not only cuts down production and logistical costs but also ensures a focus on the most competitive representatives from each region. Additionally, the notion of hosting a separate event exclusively for non-Asian teams gains traction as a strategy to rejuvenate the Western esports scene.