Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship

The Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship has emerged as one of the game’s most-watched and anticipated events, setting new viewership records in the world of esports. With over 590,000 peak viewers, this season-ending championship has solidified its position as the competition’s third most popular event, bringing fans thrilling gameplay and intense competition.

Impressive Viewership Figures:

Taking place at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, the ALGS 2023 Championship achieved an average viewership of approximately 223,000 during its impressive 47-hour broadcast, according to esports data platform Esports Charts. This remarkable viewership demonstrates the enduring appeal of Apex Legends in the esports realm.

Notable Milestones:

While Apex Legends has seen remarkable growth in its esports viewership, it’s essential to highlight some key milestones:

– Peak Viewership Records: The most-watched Apex Legends event in terms of peak viewership remains the ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs, with a staggering 676,600 viewers. However, the ALGS 2023 Championship’s peak viewership of over 590,000 firmly secures its place among the game’s top events.

– Hours Watched: Last year’s ALGS 2022 Championship still holds the record for the most hours watched, totaling 11.3 million. The ALGS 2023 Championship achieved a substantial 10.6 million hours watched, further highlighting its significance in the esports landscape.

Victory for TSM:

This year’s ALGS Championship witnessed North American esports organization TSM emerging victorious, claiming a remarkable $600,000 (~£468,000) in prize money. The intense competition and high stakes added to the event’s appeal, drawing in a substantial viewership.

Platform Preferences:

The majority of ALGS Championship viewers tuned in on Twitch, with a peak viewership of 465,300. Nevertheless, YouTube continued to play a significant role, with a peak viewership of 124,400. These platforms remain integral to the Apex Legends esports experience.

Global Appeal:

Audience demographics for the championship highlight the global reach of Apex Legends:

– English and Japanese Languages: English-language platforms attracted a peak of 368,200 viewers, while Japanese-language platforms garnered 135,800, showcasing the game’s international appeal.

UK Hosted Events: 

The decision to host all three of its major LAN international events in the United Kingdom, with London hosting the Split 1 and 2 Playoffs and Birmingham hosting the world championship, proved successful for Apex Legends. The ALGS 2023 Championship coincided with the UK gaming festival Insomnia, offering fans a unique gaming experience and ticket price discounts between the two events.

Promising Signs for Apex Legends: 

These impressive viewership figures and the continued growth of Apex Legends as an esports spectacle demonstrate its enduring popularity. However, it’s worth noting that the ALGS 2023 calendar did not surpass the 2022 ALGS Championship and the ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs in all metrics, indicating the competitive nature of the esports scene.

London as Esports Hub:

Apex Legends is among the esports titles that have chosen London, England, as their home for 2023. This includes League of Legends’ MSI 2023 and Call of Duty’s World Series of Warzone, showcasing London’s emergence as a hub for top-tier esports events.

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The Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship has undoubtedly left its mark on the esports landscape, offering fans thrilling competition and setting new viewership records. With its continued growth and global appeal, Apex Legends remains a dominant force in the world of esports.

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