Leaked Documents Reveal Xbox's Future

In a stunning leak that has sent shockwaves through the gaming community, crucial information about the future of Xbox has surfaced. These revelations come as a result of a slip-up in the filings from the FTC vs. Microsoft trial, which concluded several weeks ago but left a trove of undisclosed documents in its wake.

This leak is undeniably one of the most significant to emerge from the ongoing debate, as it offers a comprehensive look into Xbox’s strategy for the next decade. Within these documents, not only are new versions of existing consoles and controllers unveiled, but also a slew of upcoming games and an array of side projects that Xbox and Microsoft are diligently working on, including cloud-based gaming consoles and innovative peripherals.

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing revelation is the confirmation of an all-new, upgraded Xbox Series X console, codenamed ‘Project Brooklin.’ This next-gen console promises a host of improvements over its predecessor, including a capacious 2 TB of storage, a revamped low-power mode, enhanced accessory experiences, and a completely fresh physical design.

But that’s not all – there’s also an improved Xbox Series S in the pipeline, codenamed ‘Project Ellewood.’ These consoles have a strong focus on sustainability, beginning with eco-friendly packaging and extending throughout their design.

In an encouraging move, it appears that the price point won’t see a substantial increase. ‘Project Brooklin’ is expected to launch at around $499, while ‘Ellewood’ will come with a price tag of approximately $299.

However, the console revelations don’t end there. Another set of leaked documents appears to confirm the development and funding of Xbox’s ‘Cloud Console.’ This budget-friendly, internet-centric console is set to be a game-changer, with an estimated price of just $100. It’s designed to be a lightweight, cloud-based console bundled with a controller, opening up new possibilities for gamers.

And let’s not forget the exciting news about a new Xbox controller in the works, aptly named ‘Project Sebile.’ This controller is touted as the most immersive Xbox controller to date. It emphasizes sustainability and durability, featuring a rechargeable and swappable battery, enhanced haptic feedback, and improved connectivity.

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As the dust settles from this unprecedented leak, the future of Xbox appears more promising than ever, with a lineup of innovative consoles, games, and peripherals poised to take the gaming world by storm.

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