The PUBG Nations Cup 2023 brought together nations in intense battles, capturing the attention of esports enthusiasts worldwide. While it can be considered the title’s most popular tournament of 2023, it falls short of setting new viewership records for the Nations Cup series.

The midseason competition, where nations vie for supremacy, achieved a peak viewership of 230,782 and an average viewership of 122,286 over its nearly 15-hour duration, as reported by Esports Charts.

Comparing this viewership to the inaugural event in 2019, which boasted 492,735 peak viewers, the 2023 edition appears to lag significantly. However, when looking at 2022’s edition, the numbers are more aligned, with 239,112 peak viewers and 129,225 average viewers.

Ultimately, South Korea emerged as the victor, with the United Kingdom, last year’s champion, securing second place. Vietnamese-language streams recorded the highest peak viewership at 98,808, followed by Thai (39,107) and Korean (33,759) platforms.

A notable shift in viewership trends occurred between 2022 and 2023, particularly in terms of language platforms. In 2022, Thai-language streams topped the charts with 89,157 viewers. However, it’s worth considering that last year’s event was hosted in Thailand, whereas South Korea served as the host for this year’s edition.

In comparison to the rest of PUBG’s 2023 esports calendar, the Nations Cup 2023 currently holds the title for the most popular event in terms of peak viewership, according to Esports Charts. Nonetheless, the PUBG Global Championship 2023 is scheduled to take place later in the year, potentially challenging these statistics.

It’s essential to note that the popularity of the game in China cannot be fully measured, as Esports Charts cannot track viewership on Chinese platforms. Consequently, the PUBG Champions League 2023, an offline series in China, cannot be directly compared.

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In summary, the PUBG Nations Cup 2023, held at Sangam Colosseum and featuring a substantial $300,000 prize pool, might not have set new viewership records for the series but remains a standout event in the PUBG esports calendar, surpassing other 2023 PUBG Global Series events.

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