Starfield Modding Tools: Bethesda to Release Official Mods Support

Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard has revealed that official modding tools for Starfield are on the horizon, with an expected release in 2024. This announcement continues Bethesda’s longstanding tradition of supporting modding in their games, which began with the acclaimed Creation Kit for Skyrim over a decade ago.

Despite initial controversies surrounding its Xbox exclusivity, Starfield has enjoyed immense popularity and commercial success since its release earlier this month. The game has garnered mostly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. While some players have attempted to negatively review bomb the game on platforms like Metacritic, these actions have done little to impede Starfield’s momentum. A significant factor contributing to the game’s appeal, much like other Bethesda RPGs, is its robust modding potential.

In an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Todd Howard, the Game Director of Starfield, shared the exciting news of official mod support, stating that it “will be available next year.” However, Howard did not provide a more precise release timeframe in the interview. Fans may need to wait anywhere from three months to a full year to access these modding tools. Similarly, when discussing the upcoming Shattered Space DLC for Starfield, Howard maintained an air of mystery, stating that the release date is a closely guarded secret.

The remainder of the Famitsu interview delved into various aspects of Starfield’s development and its sources of inspiration. Howard shed light on the game’s impressive procedural generation technology, responsible for crafting content-rich planets for players to explore. He also discussed the design philosophy and technological innovations that contributed to the game’s creation. Additionally, Howard expressed his deep appreciation for the iconic Ultima series, citing it as a significant source of inspiration in his game development career. He shared fond memories of playing RPGs like Ultima during his formative years and expressed a desire to create similar gaming experiences for a new generation of players.

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While official mod support for Starfield may not arrive until 2024, the modding community has wasted no time since the game’s release, with numerous outstanding Starfield mods already available for players to enjoy. Todd Howard’s announcement will undoubtedly be met with enthusiasm by aspiring modders who may not possess the confidence or technical expertise to dive into code and create mods from scratch. The release of official mod tools is expected to usher in a significant increase in the number of mods available for this already beloved title.

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