Top Indian Gaming Streamers on YouTube

YouTube gaming streams continue to be a major source of entertainment and education for gaming enthusiasts. With a platform that allows gamers to showcase their skills and interact with their audience, YouTube has become a hub for gaming content creators. In August 2023, here are the top Indian gaming streamers on YouTube who captured the attention of fans and viewers:

1. LolzZz Gaming (1.51M Subscribers)

Yash Thacker, known as LolzZz Gaming, is renowned for his exceptional BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) gameplay. In August 2023, he claimed the top spot as the most-watched Indian gaming YouTube streamer, with fans spending 130 hours and 45 minutes watching his streams. LolzZz Gaming is affiliated with Godlike Esports and boasts over 1.39 million subscribers on YouTube.

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2. Gyan Gaming (923K Subscribers)

Gyan Sujan, popularly known as Gyan Gaming, is a prominent Free Fire streamer. He secured the second spot on the list with a total airtime of 108 hours and 25 minutes. Gyan Gaming is a household name in the YouTube gaming community, boasting a massive following of 14.7 million subscribers.

3. Dynamo Gaming (747K Subscribers)

Aaditya Sawant, better known as Dynamo Gaming, is a celebrated BGMI streamer. He secured the third spot in the ranking of the most-watched Indian gaming streamers for August 2023, with an impressive airtime of 126 hours and 30 minutes. Dynamo Gaming boasts nearly 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

4. UnGraduate Gamer (742K Subscribers)

Ayush Dubey, aka UnGraduate Gamer, is a popular Free Fire streamer with an extensive following of 8.09 million subscribers on YouTube. He claimed the fourth spot on the list, with a total airtime of 115 hours.

5. The Legit Gaming (610K Subscribers)

The Legit Gamer, a renowned Battlegrounds Mobile India streamer, secured the fifth spot in the ranking for August 2023. With 97 hours and 25 minutes of airtime, The Legit Gamer has garnered over 175,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Notably, all the top streamers predominantly feature Free Fire or BGMI content, highlighting the dominance of mobile gaming in the Indian gaming community. While BGMI continues to thrive, Free Fire is making a comeback in India with Garena’s announcement of “Free Fire India,” generating anticipation among gamers.

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These top Indian gaming streamers have not only entertained their audiences but have also contributed to the growth of the gaming community on YouTube. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, these creators remain at the forefront, sharing their passion and expertise with their dedicated fanbase.

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