XSET Expands into Women's CS

XSET Ventures into Women’s CS:GO and Fortnite, Embracing Esports Diversity

North American esports organization XSET is making bold moves to diversify its presence in the esports world. XSET recently announced plans to return to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) scene by hosting tryouts to create a new women’s CS:GO roster. Additionally, the organization is gearing up to make a comeback in Fortnite esports.

Women’s CS:GO Tryouts:

XSET aims to build a competitive women’s CS:GO team through an extensive one-month tryout process. This unique tryout period will actively involve fans, incorporating their participation and feedback throughout several elimination rounds. Registration for these tryouts opens on September 14th. XSET has previous experience in the women’s CS:GO scene, having fielded an all-female roster from 2020 to 2021.

Rejoining the Fortnite Scene:

In addition to its CS:GO endeavors, XSET is planning a return to the Fortnite esports arena. Although the specifics of the organization’s involvement in Fortnite have not been disclosed, XSET intends to sign Fortnite professionals and content creators. This expansion into Fortnite marks XSET’s second venture into the game, following the establishment of a roster in 2022.

Ongoing Legal Challenges:

XSET’s foray into new esports scenes comes amid ongoing legal disputes. Notably, its VALORANT players have filed a lawsuit against the organization, alleging unpaid merchandise revenues, including the VALORANT Champions 2022 skin bundle. The players and head coach claim that XSET reneged on its agreement to share 50% of merchandising revenue with the team members. XSET has contested these claims in a statement provided to Dot Esports.

Content Creation Expansion:

Despite these challenges, XSET remains committed to diversifying its esports presence and content creation portfolio. Jacob Arce, Head of Esports at XSET, expressed excitement about the expansion, stating, “We are excited to venture into a game that has demonstrated unwavering popularity over the past decade, consistently holding its position at the pinnacle of the esports world. As we set our sights on entering the CS:GO scene, we aim to bring a fresh approach by involving, supporting, and empowering existing and emerging talented female content creators.”

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XSET’s bold moves underscore its commitment to esports diversity and the exploration of new opportunities in the ever-evolving world of competitive gaming.

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