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A new skin bundle of Valorant called Ruination revealed.

The premium content art lead at Valorant, Sean Marino, and senior producer, Preeti Khanolkar, revealed the new ruination skin bundle in an interview with Ryan Central from YouTube channel HITSCAN. This new skin bundle includes Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and melee. Moreover, this skin bundle is in collaboration with League of Legends with some easter eggs.

Preeti Khanolkar said, “This isn’t for League of Legends players, this is for VALORANT players.” Further, she added, “If you’re a player that likes League of Legends, it has a little bit of extra meaning, a little bit of Easter eggs, and stuff like that.”

This bundle has taken its inspiration from the Ruination, a magical catastrophe surrounding League’s Ruined King. Moreover, it also has a similar look and feels to champions like Thresh, Senna, and Viego.

The level 1 variant of the bundle has teal colour with shadowy and spectral animations. It comes in several different colors, including purple, orange, and green.

Valorant Ruination Bundle

The above Tweet by Ryan Central shows all the weapons includes in the Ruination skin bundle.

This tweet by Ryan Central shows the SFX, VFX and the kill animation of the bundle. The kill animation of the new bundle is quite beautiful.

According to Marino, the developers didn’t want to “come out of the gates” with VALORANT and release a League bundle. From the beginning, they were “very deliberate” to avoid crossing the path of both games except for small details like “Tahm Kench bench” on Ascent and the Scuttle crab on Split.

Marino said, “When were approached by the League team about this last year, it was because of what they’re doing with the Ruination event in League of Legends.” Further, he added, “There’s all of this story that they’re unfolding within the canon of League. It’s all actually happening. And so they wanted us to be a part of that. But also just all games to come together and celebrate a big event and moment that’s happening.”

When Valorant launched in June 2020, the developers tried to keep League of Lege^ttnds and Valorant separate and different as much as possible. However, now, the developers thought it wouldn’t hurt much to connect the two worlds in some shape or form.

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