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Activision Announces Call of Duty Warzone Mobile 

Warzone Mobile launch is now officially confirmed. On 10 March, Activision posted about its latest title, Call of Duty : Warzone Mobile.

After the success of this PC title, the developer has decided to bring it to mobiles. However, Call of Duty : Mobile exists and has made itself an esports title. Activision made it with TiMi Studios in 2019.

COD : Warzone is pretty different and will be a new experience for all battle royale lovers.  

Release Date

The developer has finally announced that the game is under development. Also, it might take a while to design and bring it to the market.

Activision hasn’t announced any official date yet. But we can expect the game to launch in 2023. The alpha tests may start in December 2022 or in early 2023.

Moreover, there are new job openings by Activision for this project. In a blog post, Activision wrote –

“Join us in bringing warzone to mobile.”

If you are passionate about game designing or coding, you can join their studio. 

About COD Warzone Mobile 

Usually the mobile titles have the same gameplay with almost the same maps. The difference is only in terms of controls with some tiny changes in overall gameplay.

We can expect the same maps and look as of COD Warzone PC. 

With the passage of time, the trend of mobile gaming has increased. Millions of gamers prefer gaming on their mobile phones. Many PC titles have arrived on mobile.

Likewise, the most recent one was Apex Legends Mobile. Battlefield too, will arrive for mobiles this year. The new game will be a competition to the existing famous games like BGM, FF, Apex Legends Mobile. 

To sum up, the entire COD community is excited for Warzone Mobile. It will be something new for all the mobile gamers.  

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