Ankit Panth Joins M42 Esports

Ankit Panth Joins M42 Esports

Ankit Panth aka ‘V3nom’ is back into esports. He has joined the Valorant roster of M42 Esports. Moreover, he might participate in the Valorant Conquerors Championship(VCC).

About Ankit Panth:

V3nom is the famous and the most loved CS:GO esports player in India. He is the owner of the CS:GO team – ‘Team Brutality’. Moreover, these days he live streams Valorant on his official YouTube channel.

Team Brutality first won thee Logitech Free 2 Play – Season 4 in 2015. After that, they aced several other competitions –

  • Sostronk King of the Hill – West Asia
  • Video Game Fest 2015
  • Supernova Gaming Carnival 2016

In contrast, team Brutality then showcased their talent in many more events. 

Ankit Panth is loved by the audience very much. In past times, he has not only inspired young gamers, but also made an impression on their parents. 

So many streamers these days do not use appropriate language. But Ankit always supports a toxicity-free gaming environment. He said that, “Influencing people in the right way is most important these days.”

In addition, he wants the young gamers to focus on their studies as well. 

After a break from the esports world, now the audience will again get to watch his overpowered clutches. He is ready to dominate other teams with his skills. 

About M42 Esports:

Meloria 42 (M42) Esports is a global esports and entertainment organization. They just revealed their valorant roster.

(Image Cr: M42 Esports)

Their latest Valorant roster has following players –

  1. Ankit Panth (V3nom)
  2. Shelin Patel (Hyper)
  3. Kalpesh Kotkar (Sam)
  4. Aakash More (Rix)
  5. Anurodh Pashilkar (Emo)

Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) is a part of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021. It is Riot’s first official global tournament.

Team M42 shall participate in the India Qualifiers – 2 of VCC. This will take place during July 29 – August 8, 2021. 

To sum up, it will be amazing watching Ankit Panth competing in the Valorant esports. Valorant is an important part of esports in India. And team M42 is ready to showcase their talent in India, as well as at the international level. 

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