Ankit Panth to Represent India at A Gaming TV Show in Singapore

Ankit Panth to Represent India at A Gaming TV Show in Singapore

Ankit Panth, one of the most influential gamers in India will soon represent India at a Gaming TV Show. It will be a reality TV show along with many other gaming influencers.

Announcing on Instagram, Ankit wrote – 

“It gives me immense pleasure in sharing with you all this new adventure that I will be going on next month. 

I will be representing India along with various other gamers, streamers, casters etc from different countries in a gaming tv show which will be shot in Singapore for more than a month. 

This is a very big opportunity for me to show that India is ready when it comes to gaming.”

Ankit Panth at Good Game Asia :

Good Game Asia is’s latest reality TV show. 

A lineup of gaming stars from different countries will compete for over $200,000 in cash and prizes at Good Game Asia. Moreover, Jonathan Glazier, a former Asia’s Got Talent contestant, is the show’s director and producer.

The show is finally coming to WarnerTv on 10th June 2022. The channel would broadcast it in  English as well as Korean.  

Sezairi and his wife, Syaza Tan, Singapore’s famous music artists are going to host the show.

About :

‘Yupp’ is a talent management agency. It organises all the opportunities in the gaming &esports industry in one place. 

They also help hardcore and even casual gamers in growing their network.

Ankit Panth is known for his positive influence in the community. That’s why Good Game Asia chose him to represent India in the show.

“I will try to use this platform to tell the world the story of Indian gaming. The journey of almost every middle class gamer like me who wants to do something in gaming, be it pro gaming, streaming, casting etc but still cannot convince people around him or her about their passion.” – Ankit further wrote. 

It will be amazing to watch an Indian influencer on an international TV show. 

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