COD Warzone Mobile

Activision officially announced COD Warzone Mobile

Activision has officially announced COD Warzone Mobile by releasing a teaser on its social media accounts. 

On September 15th, Activision will unveil COD Warzone Mobile’s details and first gameplay. With only 6 days to go, all the fans are excited about the reveal.

The popular PC game COD Warzone’s mobile adaptation was under development on March 11th, according to Activision. Since then, Warzone Mobile, also known as Project Aurora, the battle royale game, has been eagerly anticipated by all fans of mobile gaming and COD.

COD Warzone Mobile gameplay reveal

On August 7th, Activision announced some of their upcoming games during the Call of Duty League Championship. On September 15, at an official live stream COD Warzone Mobile franchise event, more details about the eagerly anticipated Modern Warfare II Multiplayer as well as the future of Warzone and Warzone Mobile will be revealed, according to Activision. Numerous well-known content creators and streamers will also participate in this event. 

Several COD Mobile players and streamers have been invited by Activision to experience Warzone Mobile at the special event on September 15. The game’s official launch date has not yet been disclosed by the publisher, though.

A gameplay video from the game’s closed Alpha test was tweeted by Cod Perseus, one of the well-known COD Mobile Content Leakers, on June 6th. It also revealed that during the Alpha test, the game’s size was roughly 4.12 GB. Whether the gameplay video was morphed or real is unknown according to Activision. However, Twitter has currently suspended the user’s account. Another leak claims that 150 players will play in each Battle Royale match.

Despite the fact that the game has been the subject of numerous gameplay videos over the past few months, none of them feature the game’s finished product. Nothing about the game has yet been disclosed by Activision. However, we can anticipate that the upcoming franchise event will reveal a lot of information.

The announcement of COD Warzone Mobile has piqued the interest of all the fans. Activision’s track record suggests that the wait might be worthwhile. It will be intriguing to see, though, what the event reveals.

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