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Another Valorant Mobile Gameplay Video Leaked on YouTube 

A user has leaked a nine-minute long gameplay video of Valorant Mobile on YouTube. The video features the gameplay of Jett, playing six rounds on Bind. Moreover, this video gives us a better understanding of the UI, touch controls, and the mechanics of the game. 

Riot Games started the beta testing of Valorant Mobile in China earlier this month. This news gained a lot of popularity as soon as a user posted a few screenshots of the game over the internet. However, the news was confirmed when a user uploaded a 21-second long gameplay video on YouTube and Twitter. Since then, multiple users have leaked a couple of videos, but the recent video is the most detailed so far.

The Nine Minutes Long Valorant Mobile Gameplay Video 

The video starts with the agent selection video, where the player selects Jett. However, other agents like Phoenix, Reyna, Breach, Skye, Sova, and Killjoy are also available in the menu. 

Although Riot has tailored the game for mobile devices, it is undoubtedly identical to the PC version. A few changes have been made to the mobile version so that it could be more convenient for mobile users to play.

The buy menu has been changed slightly, but all the guns, abilities, and shields are the same. Moreover, the recoil of most guns seems to be tuned for mobile users. 

The graphics of the game are pretty good. Overall, the gameplay seems a lot better than what we expected from the game in the beta stage. Moreover, the game will see more improvements before the final global release. 

Unfortunately, the beta version of the game is only available for the Chinese audience. Riot has not yet revealed anything about the global beta release of the game. However, Riot has confirmed that the game will be released on a global stage sometime. We speculate that Riot will release the game in other regions by the end of this year.

Valorant Mobile leaked gameplay shows an excellent overall gaming experience in the beta stage. It will be exciting to see how much more improvement we will get to see before the global launch of the game. However, as we still don’t know anything about the global launch of the game, stay tuned to Esports91’s website and Instagram for the fastest and latest news and updates. 

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