Apex Attack

Apex Attack: Respawn’s Official Response About Data Privacy

Apex Legends recently suffered a hackers’ attack. Several game modes became unavailable. Respawn officially responded about Apex Attack. In addition, they solved various issues with match-making.

Apex Attack: 

On Sunday, hackers shut down several Apex Legends servers. The “Titanfall” game servers had constant hacking and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 

 Therefore, they wanted to “rescue Titanfall”. Subsequently, the attacks appeared to have extended across various platforms and areas.

(Image Cr: Respawn)

The usual game modes, from the Firing Range to Arenas, were unavailable. 

Response to Attack: 

According to Respawn, the current attack on Apex Legends’ servers did not put users’ accounts or information at risk. 

The studio is also “testing a fix” for the long outages, although it may need “additional updates.”

Respawn commented, “We’ve determined that this attack—while disruptive—has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk,”

Despite the fact that account integrity does not appear to be in threat, the studio is working on a solution and is “continuing to validate” it. This was according to a recent update on the subject.

Apex matchmaking troubles began earlier today after an attack interfered with playlist data and brought the servers down. 

Players were presented with a nearly blank screen instead of the typical playlist selections such as Duos or Arenas. Except for one: a playlist called “savetitanfall.com,” a message from the attackers. 

Hackers disabled all the game modes.

Respawn is updating its efforts to restore matchmaking in Apex every hour on Twitter. While the servers are down, gamers may rest assured that their accounts and personal information are protected.

Respawn pushed out a server update that appeared to fix the issue. However, it might take “hours” for the fix to reach all servers.

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