Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary Event is Live

Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary Event is Live

Apex Legends celebrates its third anniversary with the Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary Event. This event brings skins, rewards, community-designed items, and a Prestige Bloodhound skin. Moreover, this event will last till March 1.

Prestige skins are Apex Legends’ attempt to shift the Heirloom pool with a transforming skin. The Prestige skin for Bloodhound starts at tier one, but players can level it up by dealing damage with no time restriction.

Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary Event brings a Prestige Bloodhound skin

Players get the Prestige Bloodhound skin at tier level 1 by default. To upgrade the tier to level 2 of this Prestige skin, players need to deal 30,000 damage to their enemies. To upgrade the tier to level 3 from level 2, players need to deal 70,000 damage to their enemies.

Tier Level 3 of the skin is the max level of the gun skin, and this level brings a finisher effect to the gun.

Players have to get all the items in the event to get the Prestige skin. Then, at the end of the event, players will get to claim the skin for 150 Heirloom Shards.

Image Via Apex Legends

Players will get many rewards by simply playing the game during the event period. These rewards include Holo-Sprays, gun charms, skins, all designed by the community members. 

Interestingly, the Anniversary collection brings skins inspired by other Legends’ skins. Mirage and Wattson have skins inspired by Crypto’s HypeBeast skin in the collection, whereas Bangalore and Valkyrie’s new looks are inspired by Loba’s Purple Reign visual.

However, these skins will only be available for purchase during this Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary event.

In addition, Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary event gives its fans login rewards. Following is the list and dates of all the login rewards.

  • Wattson and three Apex Packs centered around Static Defender (February 15 to February 22).
  • Valkyrie and three thematic Apex Packs (February 22 to March 1).
  • Octane (February 8 to February 15).

Apex Legends 2022 Anniversary event is an excellent chance for all the players to earn free rewards by simply logging in to the game. However, it will be exciting to see what more rewards this new event will bring.

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