Apex Legends Arena event

Apex Legends Arena event is now live in Season 10

The new Apex Legends Arena event has officially launched with a small balance patch. The name of the event is Arenas Flash Event, and it will end on the 17th of August. 

After completing challenges, the Apex Legends Arena event rewards players with Crafting Metals, Battle Pass stars, and loot crates. However, players have to complete these challenges in Arena mode. 

In addition, players will be now able to play Arena ranked mode along with the unranked mode.

Apex Legends Arena event schedule

The first half of Season 10 will have three week-long Arenas Flash events. The second Arena Flash event will commence on the 24th of August and end on the 31st of August. Moreover, the third Arena Flash event will begin on the 7th of September and end on the 14th of September. 

These events will reward players with various items such as Crafting Metals, battle pass stars, and loot crates.

Moreover, the final event will include a rare Volt skin called Accepted Theory along with Rare Caustic skin called Terrestrial Shell.

Changes included with the balance patch

The balance patch nerfs the Prowler and the L-Star. The damage per bullet of Prowler is reduced from 15 to 14, whereas the ADS speed of L-Star is reduced. Moreover, the price of both the guns is also increased in Arena mode. 

On the other hand, Respawn Studios has not included the Seer nerfs with this patch. However, the development team said the Seer nerfs would arrive next week. Seer is currently the most potent legend in the game.

Seer has been dominating all the other agents since its release. He deals a ton of damage and also maintains mid-range hip-fire accuracy. 

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The Apex Legends Arena event is the most anticipated event by the fans. On the other hand, Apex Legends has done a great job balancing the Prowler and the L-Star. However, the Seer nerfs are much needed right now. 

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