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Respawn Banned Over 1,300 Players For Exploiting an Apex Legends bug

Respawn has banned over 1,300 players for exploiting an Apex Legends bug. The ban varies from two weeks to permanent for each player based on the abuse amount.

According to Conor “HIDEOUTS” Ford, 1,307 have been banned for exploiting Arenas Ranked mode and “6-manning”.

Exploiting an Apex Legends Bug Led to Ban

Since its release, Apex Legends has become one of the most popular battle royale titles out there. Due to its unique gameplay mechanics, people from all around the world love playing it. Furthermore, after the launch of the mobile version of the game, the popularity of this game has also increased significantly. However, Apex Legends, too, suffers from cheaters.

Conor Ford, alias Hideouts, was responsible for this massive player ban. He is renowned for punishing cheaters whenever he finds any problems and serves as the primary security for cheating in Apex Legends. He just discovered a brand-new problem that was affecting the game, and many players were taking advantage of it to get an unfair advantage in combat.

Conor Ford recently claimed on Twitter that 1307 players have been banned as a result of abuse of the Arena Ranked mode and ‘6-manning’ in the game. Depending on how much they exploited the system, some gamers got a 2-week ban while others got a lifetime one. There have been 392 players banned from PC, 520 players banned from PlayStation, 20 players banned from Nintendo Switch, and 375 players banned from Xbox.

Cheaters often cheat by using mods, hacking the game, or otherwise taking use of exploits to their advantage. Banning players for exploiting an Apex Legends bug was the right step. It shows the community how much the company cares about the fairness of the game. While the cheater may find this amusing, the other players in the lobby have a totally negative experience. Players should never cheat in online games, and make the game as fair as possible. Furthermore, the games themselves have anti-cheat features in place to prevent game abuse. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page.

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