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Apex Legends Mobile adds more rewards for the pre-registration of the game

EA Games will officially launch Apex Legends Mobile later this year. The beta testing of the game is ongoing in a few regions across the globe. However, players can only pre-register for the game in the remaining regions. Players will have to wait for the official launch of the game to play it. 

The pre-registration for the early access of Apex Legends Mobile started on the 17th of March, 2021. However, the first beta test wasn’t released until August 2021. Since then, EA Games has carried out the beta test for the game in various regions, and it has seen a positive response overall.

Apex Legends Mobile Pre-registration Rewards

Recently, the game surpassed 12 million downloads, completing all the reward milestones. Hence, EA Games added more rewards at certain milestones. 

The original reward milestones were limited to 10 million downloads, but now EA has added two new milestones at 15 million and 25 million downloads. Following are all the rewards players will get for pre-registering for the game. 

  1. Pre-registered Badge: On completion of 500,000 pre-registrations
  2. Fateful Games – Banner Frame: On completion of 1 million pre-registrations
  3. One Target – Banner Pose: On completion of 2.5 million pre-registrations
  4. Teeth Cutter – Epic R99 Skin: On completion of 5 million pre-registrations
  5. Molten Earth – Epic Skin: On completion of 10 million pre-registrations
  6. Become Legendary Holo Spray: On completion of 15 million pre-registrations
  7. Sunfire Initiative Pathfinder Skin: On completion of 25 million pre-registrations

It is important to note that there are criteria to be eligible to get this reward. Players need to pre-register for the game, and they have to download the game within seven days of its global launch. However, EA Games has not yet revealed the Apex Legends Mobile release date, but it will launch later this year.

Apex Legends Mobile has shown a promising response in its beta testing stage. It will be exciting to see what response the game will get after its global launch. On the other hand, we might also get to see the announcement of a global tournament with the game’s launch. For more content and the latest news, stay tuned to the Esports91 website and follow our Instagram handle.

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