Apex Legends Mobile Beta released

Apex Legends Mobile Beta released in the Philippines

After a successful beta trial in India, Apex Legends Mobile beta is now available in the Philippines. Apex Legends Mobile Beta was available in India from the 27th of April to the 1st of May. However, now the second phase of the beta version is available in the Philippines for a selected number of users

Thousands of content creators and professional players reviewed the beta version of the game on YouTube and Twitch. 

The users who have pre-registered for the game on the Google PlayStore are invited for the beta trial. However, the beta test is not available for iOS users. However, the beta phase has ended in India. The game is not downloadable in India anymore. 

(Image Cr: Ea Games)

EA released Apex Legends Mobile Beta in the Philippines, which means players in the Philippines can play the game. The players in the Philippines who have pre-registered for the game will get the option to download the game directly from Google PlayStore. Although, if you have pre-registered and haven’t got the download option, that means you are not included in the beta test.

Apex Mobile Release Date:

EA has confirmed that the final version of Apex Legends Mobile will be releasing in Q4 of 2021. However, before that, the beta version of the game will be releasing slowly in different regions. These beta versions will help the developers to improve the gaming experience. 

Chad Greener, the director of Apex Legends, says that EA is creating Apex Legends Mobile, especially for touchscreen devices. Further, he also said that it is not a port of the PC and Console version of the game. This indicates that the game will not be cross-platform with the PC and Console versions. 

It will be exciting to see how this new mobile game will compete against PUBG Mobile, CODM, and Free Fire.

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