Apex Legends Mobile Beta Testing Started in India: How to Pre Register

Apex Legends Mobile closed beta testing is about, to begin with, a small number of early testers in India and the Philippines. Apex Legends Mobile will begin beta testing later this month, with India and the Philippines being the first to get their hands on the game. 

The decision to begin testing in India and the Philippines could mean EA wants to prioritize the game in regions where other online mobile shooters, especially PUBG, are wildly popular.

In a press release, Electronic Arts announced the launch and provided some information on Apex Legends Mobile’s mechanics. For the past few years, this game has been one of the most highly awaited, and now the developers are giving early access to India and the Philippines.

(Image via: EASports)

According to the few early screenshots released, the mobile version looks identical to the existing PC and console models, but EA hasn’t given us a look at the controls or game interface yet. The game will be free-to-play, much as on other platforms, but there will be no cross-play with PCs or consoles, according to the announcement.

(Image via: EASports)

(Image via: EASports)

Apex Legends is a PC-based battle royale game with its own fan base in various regions. The game’s success in Japan was so strong that the developers decided to make a Switch version for the country. Apex Legends Mobile was rumoured to be a cross-platform game, but this announcement confirms that it will have its matchmaking system separate from PC and console.

This is exciting news for mobile game fans, and it will be interesting to see how this game is adapted to be compatible with mobile devices. The planned launch date is later this month, but dates may differ slightly due to the lack of a fixed schedule.

Pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile has also been started on Android.

Steps to pre-register Apex Legends Mobile on the Play Store:

Step 1: Open Google the Play Store and search Apex Legends Mobile.

Step 2: Open the Apex Legends game page and click on “Pre-register”.

Step 3: Now a dialogue box will appear, here click on “Install when available”.

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