Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date, Regions, Requirements

Apex Legends Mobile will launch very soon in some limited regions. Respawn officially announced the game’s soft launch for 10 countries. 

It is a free-to-play battle royale hero shooter game. Earlier in 2021, Respawn launched its beta version in India and Phillipines. Since then there has been a great hype for the game.

Apex Legends Mobile : Soft launch

Before the global launch, the developer is making another soft launch. It will be released in the following countries –

  1. Australia 
  2. New Zealand 
  3. Singapore 
  4. Malaysia 
  5. Philippines
  6. Indonesia
  7. Mexico
  8. Peru
  9. Argentina
  10. Colombia

The game will launch on the Google Play Store as well as Apple Store. It will randomly select players for the test. So, if you are a gamer from any of the selected regions, you can pre-register for the game. 

Cross Play in Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn said that the game is designed for mobile devices only. Thus, cross-play between consoles or PCs isn’t possible. 

About Apex Legends Mobile Content

During this soft launch, some selected exciting systems and features will be available for testing. 

Players will be able to play as Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder, and Caustic. 

Furthermore, the full version will offer more systems and content for the game’s global launch. 

Apex Legends Mobile : Requirements 

Apex Mobile is still under development and the dev team is working on the optimization. So, iOS devices with less than 2GB RAM and Android with less than 3GB RAM can’t run the game.


  • Android 8.1
  • Open GL 3.0 
  • 3GB free space
  • Atleast 3GB RAM
  • Screen Size : N/L/XL


  • iPhone 6s or later
  • OS Version 10.0 or later
  • CPU: A9
  • 3GB free space
  • Atleast 2GB RAM

To summarise, it is one of the most-awaited mobile games. The game will probably launch globally in 2022. Fans can expect some unique content and a new experience from Respawn

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