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Apex Legends Mobile Adds Loba in Legends Menu

Apex Legends Mobile has added a new Legend, Loba, to the Legends menu. However, the Legend is not yet available to unlock or play. We speculate that players will be able to unlock and play the new agent with the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.

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EA introduced Loba in the PC version of Apex Legends on the 12th of May 2020 with season 5. Loba is a ‘Translocating Thief’ with abilities emphasizing on getting good loot and teleporting. She supports her teammates by supplying loot, and her teleportation ability allows her to relocate amidst fights. 

Apex Legends Mobile Loba Release Date

The first season of the game, Prime Time, started with the launch of the game on the 17th of May, 2022. The second season of the game will begin on the 15th of June, right after the end of the first season. Furthermore, we speculate that each season will last for one month, exactly like the game’s PC version. 

Loba Abilities

Like every other agent, Loba also has a set of three abilities – Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate. Loba is a support agent, and two of her abilities focus on helping herself and her teammates to get better loot. Following are brief descriptions of her abilities. 

Passive – Eye for Quality: Detect and show nearby Epic and Legendary loot through walls. The range of Eye for Quality is the same as that of Black Market Boutique.

Tactical – Burglar’s Best Friend: Throws a jump drive bracelet to later teleport to that location. 

Ultimate – Black Market Boutique: Place a portable device that assembles nearby loot in your inventory. Each Legend, either teammate or enemy, can only take a maximum of two items from the device. 

Since the game’s launch, Apex Legends Mobile has gained massive popularity amongst mobile gamers. Frequent addition of new agents will surely attract more audiences and keep the interest of existing players in the game. However, it will be exciting to see whether EA manages to make the mobile version of the game as successful as the PC version.

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