Apex Legends New Character

Respawn Teases Apex Legends New Character

Respawn has potentially teased a new Apex Legends character in a recent tweet. 

In the tweet, Respawn has posted images of four pages of a diary, consisting of six diary entries in about a month. These entries share a story of a character who lives in an isolated rural location with her mother. Furthermore, the diary also features a few doodles alongside the text, and one entry also features a list of that week’s kills.

The caption with one of the doodles, “You’ve got to keep yourself busy when you’re one of the only two people on the planet,” suggests that the character lives alone with her mom.

Apex Legends New Character Might Be Vantage

Based one the leaks, we speculate that the upcoming legend is Vantage. Vantage was leaked back in March along with nine other legends. The leaks have been found to be accurate so far, as New Castle was also in the list of leaked legends, and it was released in the game with the same abilities. Furthermore, it also makes sense with the sequence of agents to be released according to the leaks.

Following are the abilities of Vantage according to the leaks:

Vantage is a ‘Survivalist Sniper.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Echo Launch,’ quite similar to Crypto’s drone. Players can use it by pressing ‘Q’ to control it and launch Vantage towards a certain spot at any time.

Passive Ability: ‘Sniper Kit,’ provides her with tactical information in ADS or any long-range scope. This ability reveals Legend’s name, shield stats, squad size, and distance from Vantage.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Mark To Kill,’ equips a modified rifle with a scanner and a damage increase for her entire team. On successful hits, the damage is doubled if Vantage tags them with it.

Season 14 of the game is not far and with the teaser of Apex Legends New Character released, fans are all hyped up. Furthermore, Respawn has also teased the upcoming map in a recent Seer’s interview clip. It will be exciting to see whether these leaks are accurate. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page and stay tuned to our website.

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