Apex Legends Season 10

Apex Legends Season 10: New Hero, Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends Season 10 shall arrive with the title – “Emergence,” which will be released on August 3rd. The upcoming season prominently features the game’s 18th legend, Seer.

Respawn described him, saying, “microdrones and an artist’s eye,” “sees opportunities that other Legends might miss, and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can.”

New Hero Seer:

Apex Legends Season 10 brings a new Legend. Seer, a youngster with cursed, blazing eyes and the next Legend to join the Apex Game.

(Image Cr: Respawn)

In contrast, he is the subject of the latest instalment of Apex’s always-excellent Stories from the Outlands cinematics.

 “Metamorphosis,” a new “Stories from the Outlands storey revealed ‘Seer’, this morning. According to previous Seer leaks, sniper players will love him, and his ultimate might even include drawing out a sniper of his own.

Weapon: Rampage LMG

Moreover, Rampart has been hard at work in her workshop, and her latest creation is the beautifully devastating and chonky Rampage LMG. 

(Image Cr: Respawn)

Her twisted genius has birthed an all-new LMG which is powered by a surprising source.

As to what that source is, Respawn has been sort of quiet- so fans will have to wait till August 3 to find out what it is.

Apex Legends Season 10: Ranked Arenas

In addition, fans of Arenas will be delighted to learn that Ranked mode is coming to the three-vs-three game format. Also, providing a new grind for the most dedicated players who prefer something less intense than battle royale mode.

Finally, the website teases that World’s Edge will be receiving a map update as part of the new season. However, the description says it’s “on the brink of some major changes” and to “stay tuned.”

More details about Emergence and Seer will be revealed in the coming weeks leading up to their release on Aug. 3.

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