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Apex Legends Season 12 Brings Crypto’s Heirloom to the game

Apex Legends Season 12, which goes by the name Defiance, was released on the 8th of February, 2022. It brought and will bring a ton of new surprises for all the players, and expect it to bring Crypto’s Heirloom.

Apex released Crypto in the third season of the game. Despite being in the game for two years, Crypto did not get his signature melee weapon. Finally, Crypto will be getting his Heirloom in the Twelfth season.

The collection events start in the mid of every season, and we expect Season 12’s collection event to start in early April. 

Apex Legends Season 12

Crypto, being of Korean origin, will perhaps get an heirloom that accolades South Korea. The heirloom of Crypto is called the ‘Jikdo’ knife. Jikdo is a Korean word, which roughly translates to “straight sword.” 

The heirloom of Crypto will cost roughly $160, and it will come with 24 Collection event cosmetics, 12 of which will be Legendary tier and the rest will be Epic.

How to get Crypto’s Heirloom 

According to the past events, Crypto will get a “Collections” event like every other Legend. This event will allow all the players to unlock all the new event items. On the other hand, players can also buy the heirloom with 150 heirloom shards after the event ends.

If players are considering buying Apex Coins to get the Crypto’s Heirloom, players should get the EA Play Subscription. This subscription gives the players an extra 10% discount while purchasing Apex Coins, which will significantly reduce the overall cost.

Click here to read the detailed article on all the changes Season 12 brings to the game. 

Season 12 of Apex Legends brings a ton of new rewards for all the players. Moreover, bringing the most-awaited Crypto’s Heirloom to the game will surely make all the fans happy. It will be interesting to see how the players will react to it, and how many players consider buying it.

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