Apex Legends Season 15

Apex Legends Season 15 will bring a new legend Catalyst

Although Season 14 is relatively new, we already have the information regarding the Apex Legends Season 15. The fifteenth season of the game will bring a new legend to the game alongside the content that comes with every new season.

The upcoming season of the game will bring a new legend, Catalyst, to the game. Although we do not have detailed information about the legend, we do have a few leaks that point to Catalyst as the next legend to enter the Apex Games. Furthermore, the leaks also give us more information regarding how the character might play out. 

Apex Legends Season 15 Catalyst Leaks

On the 26th of March, data miners leaked nine new Legend and three new maps coming to the game. This leak included all the legends and maps coming to the game form then. Moreover, Catalyst was one of those leaked nine legends. 

Following are the abilities of Catalyst according to the leaks.

Catalyst Abilities: 

Catalyst is a ’Creative Builder.’ Her abilities revolve around Ferrofluid, which she can use to make defensive structures. 

Tactical Ability – Ferro Shot: This ability creates a ramp of hardened Ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots.

Passive Ability – Reinforce: Strengthen the integrity of objects like doors and previously created ferrofluid structures.

Ultimate Ability – Iron Tower: Raises a tall tower of Ferrofluid that turns into a solid column under Catalyst.

These leaks are from the early concept of the legend. The abilities of the legend might be different when it releases. Furthermore, Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed the leaks. However, all the other leaks from the same data have been accurate so far. 

Although the leak is not yet reliable, Catalyst’s abilities seem interesting. However, we will still have to wait for an official announcement from Respawn Entertainment for confirmation. It will be exciting to see what more content Apex Legends Season 15 brings to the game.

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