Apex Legends Season 2 Cold Snap

The trailer of Apex Legends Season 2 Cold Snap leaked

The Apex Legends Season 2 will go by the name Cold Snap, and its trailer has already leaked. The trailer shows various elements coming to the game in the next update.

The Cold Snap update will go live on the 15th of June 2022, bringing a new Legend Loba, changes in World’s Edge map, a new grenade, and much more. Furthermore, the start of a new season also marks the beginning of a new battle pass. 

Apex Legends Season 2 Cold Snap Leak Trailer 

The leaked trailer of season 2 shows the addition of Loba and the icy theme in the World’s Edge map. Moreover, the next battle pass will also be winter-themed.

Furthermore, Climatizer will most likely replace Refinery as it did in the Season 10 of Apex Legends PC version. The trailer also shows the addition of frosted supply bins that will give players the frosted grenade that will slow down enemies after getting hit by it.

In addition, the trailer also shows the addition of winter-themed items in the battle pass. Following are the winter-themed battle pass rewards.

  1. Five-Star Performance Rare Skin (Lifeline)
  2. Fuel Tank Rare Skin (Caustic)
  3. Leader of the Pack Epic Skin (Bloodhound)
  4. Engine Coolant Epic Skin (Pathfinder)
  5. Electric Breeze Rare Skin (Fade) 

Players that have purchased the pass will be eligible for additional rewards. Additionally, individuals who finish all tiers of the Battle Pass will receive 800 Syndicate Gold, the game’s premium currency. Apex Legends Mobile will also remove the leaver penalty in non-ranked games, as well as provide new servers for North America, the United Kingdom, and France.

EA has done a great job with Apex Legends Mobile and also frequently working on improving it. Apex Legends Season 2 Cold Snap Leak looks promising with various rewards and a new theme coming to the game. However, the official details of the patch will only release after the game’s update. 

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