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Apex Legends to Introduce Nine New Legend & Three New Maps in Near Future

A Reddit post, on the official subreddit of Apex Legends, leaked details about the upcoming nine legends and three maps. This leak includes an overall 27 months of game development.

Nine new legends, a new battle royale map, two new arena maps, heirlooms, bundles, and emotes, which will be released over a span of 27 months, have been leaked. Like all the other Legends, all the upcoming leaked agents seem promising with unique sets of abilities. 

Apex Legends to release nine Legends in upcoming 27 months

Apex Legends has set nine Legends to release in the upcoming 27 months, one agent in three months. All of the nine agents are already under development. Following is the list of all the nine agents.

  1. Newcastle:

The first agent on the list is Newcastle, a new defender, dubbed as ‘Mobile Defender.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Mobile Shield,’ deploys a drone that creates a movable shield in the direction Newcastle is facing.

Passive Ability: ‘Retrieve the Wounded,’ allows him to drag downed teammates and protects them with a revive shield while they are being resurrected.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Castlewall,’ makes him jump and slam onto the ground, creating a huge strong shield.

We presume Newcastle will come to the game in Season 13.

  1. Vantage (previously known as Hawk):

Vantage is a ‘Survivalist Sniper.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Echo Launch,’ quite similar to Crypto’s drone. Players can use it by pressing ‘Q’ to control it and launch Vantage towards a certain spot at any time.

Passive Ability: ‘Sniper Kit,’ provides her with tactical information in ADS or any long-range scope. This ability reveals Legend’s name, shield stats, squad size, and distance from Vantage.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Mark To Kill,’ equips a modified rifle with a scanner and a damage increase for her entire team. On successful hits, the damage is doubled if Vantage tags them with it.

We presume Vantage will come to the game in Season 14.

  1. Jester

Jester is dubbed as ‘Tricky Trapper.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Spectre Drop,’ calls in a drop with three spectres that guard an area.

Passive Ability: ‘Rewire,’ turns any grenade into sticky proximity mine.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Cloak Field,’ creates a 6 second cloaking device that hides all players in a small area.

  1. Phantom:

Phantom is an ‘Agile Assassin.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Hook Shot,’ shoots a hook, and allows the player to hang on it for a brief period.

Passive Ability: ‘Double Jump,’ as the name suggests, Phantom’s passive ability allows the player to jump twice. 

Ultimate Ability: ‘Void Grenade,’ a grenade that sends the targets into a void for specific time. 

  1. Caliber:

Caliber is an ‘Apex Arms Dealer.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Suppressor Turret,’ makeshift turret from a copy of Caliber’s active weapon.

Passive Ability: ‘Weapon Sling ,’ it allows Caliber to carry a third weapon in inventory.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Auto Loader,’ deploys a box that supplies ammo to nearby players.

  1. Scryer:

Scryer is a ‘Haunting Stalker.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Optic-Haunt,’ a parasitic trap that reveals target’s vision.

Passive Ability: ‘Spectator,’ automatically optic-haunt and spectate Scryer’s killer.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Shadow Wall,’ creates a creeping wall of Darkness that blocks sight and blinds enemies.

  1. Conduit: 

Conduit is an ‘Empathetic Shielder.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Arc Flash,’ heals the shields of squadmates at some cost to your shield.

Passive Ability: Capacitance,’ regenerates shield overtime.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Alternating Current,’ launches an arc cluster bomb that damages the shields of those near the blasts.

  1. Uplink: 

Uplink is  a ‘Satellite Saviour.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Shield Satellite,’ releases a Satellite that regenerates allies’ shields and revives them.

Passive Ability: ‘Network Communion,’ gets 25% of recovery effects used in signal range.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Immortality Relay Beacon,’ deploys  a beacon that prevents allies in signal range from getting downed. 

  1. Catalyst:

Catalyst is  a ’Creative Builder.’

Tactical Ability: ‘Ferro Shot,’ creates a ramp of hardened Ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots.

Passive Ability: ‘Reinforce,’ strengthen the integrity of objects like doors and previously created ferrofluid structures.

Ultimate Ability: ‘Iron Tower,’ raises a tall tower of Ferrofluid that turns a solid column under Catalyst.

The upcoming Legends in Apex Legends look interesting. It will be exciting to see how players will utilise them after the release and how the will affect the meta.

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