Apex Mobile New Legend

Apex Mobile New Legend Leaks : Everything You Need to Know 

Apex Mobile New Legend is about to arrive. Leaks suggest that a new character will join the game in the upcoming season. 

Apex Mobile launched in May 2022. Since then, two seasons of the game have been completed. EA has added a ton of mobile specific content since then. 

It looks like they are soon adding a new Legend ‘Rhapsody’ in Season 3. However, EA has not officially revealed the new season and its theme. 

Apex Mobile New Legend :

Data miners and leakers have found some game files which reveal the next legend ‘Rhapsody’, who will come with the next update. 

The most recent leak shows Rhapsody-related UI components, a holospray, and more, but no picture of him. It’s interesting to note that the robot dog in the film will be called Nebula. According to the leak, Rhapsody is getting close to the robot dog.

According to leaks, the Nebula Dog could also be a Legend ability because it appears to be freed and let loose, running around and perhaps playing distracting music.

Upcoming Maps :

To make the game even more fun to play, the dev team will be soon adding some new maps and modes.  A new multiplayer mode ‘Occupation Point’ will be available after the update. 

Despite the lack of release date information, it is quite likely that Phase Runner, Water Plant, and Refinery will be the upcoming multiplayer mode maps. Numerous sources have also stated that the ‘King’s Canyon’ map will finally come in the future season.

EA has officially announced that the current season, ‘Cold Snap’ will end on 8th of July 2022 at 22:00 UTC.

In addition, the rank reset will set players at ‘an even starting point’ relative to their previous rank at Season end. EA will reveal the detailed patch report in the coming days. 

To sum up, the upcoming season will be exciting with the new legend and the new maps and modes will be fun to play.
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