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Asian Games PUBG Mobile Teams to Compete in Shooting and Racing Events 

Asian Games PUBG Mobile event will not have the classic battle royale mode of playing. Instead, it will have some different modes in which players will shoot targets and show driving skills. 

The Hangzhou Asian Games will feature some of the famous esports games this year. The event will begin in September. 

Few days back, news suggested that Asian Games will not allow player-to-player shooting.

Shooting & Racing :

On 10 April, AESF launched the new website as Road To Asian Games 2022. The website confirmed that players will only compete in shooting and racing in PUBG Mobile.

The blog said –

“The classic gameplay mixes modern sports events such as triathlons, giving rise to an esports event that corresponds with the sportsmanship–Cross-country Shooting Competition.” 

It appears that OCA and AESF do not want to see violence at the Asian Games, which is why these significant changes to PUBG Mobile are being applied.

Asian Games PUBG Mobile : 

Tencent announced that they will develop a new version of PUBG Mobile for the Asian Games 2022. 

After the announcement of shooting and driving tasks, it seems like this new version will be entirely different from the one we play. 

Definitely, it will not have the classic matches where teams shoot each other.

Asian Games represent the harmony between the countries. Therefore, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) can not allow players to shoot each other. 

On the other hand, fans are upset with this decision. The game will make no sense if they are removing the main style of it. 

To sum up, the Asian Games PUBG event will be very different. It will not have those intense fights which we usually watch. However, it will be interesting to see which team wins in accuracy and driving.  

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