Battlefield 2042 Discarded Map

Battlefield 2042 Discarded Map : the Latest Details Revealed

Battlefield 2042 Discarded Map details are out now. Also, the game is all set to launch in October 2021. EA has revealed the gameplay trailer in July 2021.

EA has unveiled some interesting new details about Battlefield 2042 Discarded map, which is based on Alang, a town in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district. 

While developer DICE has spoken openly about the map’s influences, we now have a better understanding of how it varies from others in the game.

Battlefield 2042 Discarded Map:

Battlefield 2042 Discarded Map is set on a beach where large ships have become stranded owing to rising water levels. The Colossus, a large ship with a stealth submarine hidden inside, is located in the middle of the level.

(Image Cr: Electronic Arts)

The Colossus, according to Dice, includes numerous levels and capture points, as well as zipline access to the various floors from both the interior and outside.

Players will locate other abandoned ships along the shoreline, as well as a vast docking place, if they continue along the shoreline. The map includes a flooded town and a gas station.

On the map, factions will compete to secure rogue nuclear assets. Verticality is a significant part of the map, according to Dice, which will assist players navigate Discarded.

About Battlefield 2042 :

Battlefield 2042 is the series’ sixth instalment. It takes place in a futuristic universe rife with war. In addition, powerful weaponry and vehicles are available.

For up to 128 players, Battlefield 2042 has seven diverse battlefields, including Seoul and Egypt. Weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, on the other hand, can be customised. 

Moreover, the ability to call a robot dog, wear a wingsuit, or grapple with a grappling hook has been mentioned.

On October 22nd, Battlefield 2042 shall launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game’s base pricing has recently been reduced in India on Steam, with the base game now costing Rs. 2,999. (down from its previous listing at Rs. 3,499).

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