Battlefield Mobile Launch Details

Battlefield Mobile Launch Details: Everything You Need to Know

Battlefield Mobile is one of the most-awaited games. It will launch later this year. Firstly, it will arrive on the Google Play Store in a limited region.

Electronic Arts will launch the beta version in Indonesia and Philippines. They have revealed the gameplay and more details about the game.


Battlefield mobile is a first person shooter game from the famous Battlefield video game series.

Industrial Toys, the studio behind Midnight Star and Midnight Star Renegade, is presently working on the game. Also,  EA’s Dice studio is collaborating with the new team.

Battlefield Mobile is free-to-play and only includes cosmetic items. It includes in-game purchases.

(Image Cr: Electronic Arts)

In addition, it will feature its own Battle Passes, collectible cosmetics, and unlockables unique to this mobile game. 

Persistent internet connection required to play. However, there are age restrictions. 


During the playtests, Battlefield Mobile will have the Grand Bazaar map and the Conquest game style. 

But, more material will be added once the game debuts. The current playtest is only for Android phones running version 7.0 and higher.

The company will first launch the game in a limited area, and then they will expand the size of tests.

Players can pre-register for the game and then they will be notified if they are selected for the test.

(Image Cr: Electronic Arts)

Moreover, EA will wipe all the game-progress after the test ends. 

EA will launch the full version globally in 2022.

In conclusion, this game seems amazing and unique. Gaming Studios are making more and more games with the growing trend of mobile gaming. 

There is already a huge hype for Battlefield 2042, which will launch on PC and consoles. It will launch in October 2021.

This game might give a competition to the existing mobile games like PUBG and CODM. Moreover, it might change the esports scenario. 

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