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Battlegrounds Mobile India final version released for Android users.

Krafton has finally released the final version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Early access of the game was available for two weeks, and now the final version is out. Moreover, the download size of the game is 723MB and it is only available for Android OS.

The official Facebook page of BGMI shared a post which reads, “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans in India who have been waiting for the official launch of Krafton’s BGMI. As of July 2, 2021, thanks to your support, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been officially released.”

Krafton claimed that players playing on the  early access version of the game will receive an update to the game which will convert the game to the final version. Players will not have to uninstall the early access version to get the final version of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India new rewards with the final release.

With the final release of the game, Krafton has given some free rewards to players. 

  1. Crate coupons: For completing 1M and 5M downloads on Google PlayStore, Krafton is giving free crate coupons to players.
  2. The Constable Outfit: This is the reward for completing 10M downloads on Google PlayStore. Moreover, players can collect it till the 19th of August.

These rewards are given for the completion of number downloads on the Google Play-Store. Besides, the earlier mentioned rewards i.e. Recon Outfit and Recon Mask are also available to collect in the game.

Notice by Krafton regarding Data transfer.

According to the recent post by Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official Instagram handle, the Data transfer will be temporarily stopped on the 6th of July until further notice. According to the post, Krafton has to temporarily shut down the data transfer for maintenance of the data transfer service.

Players were eagerly waiting for the final release of Battlegrounds Mobile India and Krafton has finally released it. However, it is only available for the Android players and  iOS players still have to wait for the game to release on iOS.

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