Battlegrounds Mobile India Partners With the Top Streamers

Battlegrounds Mobile India has become the most popular battle royale game. Today, Krafton has partnered with the famous streamers across India. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Partners

Krafton has announced partnership with the following pro players – 

  1. Dynamo 
  2. Snax
  3. 8bit Thug
  4. Bandookbaaz 
  5. Classified YT

In contrast, famous caster and analyst Mr. Ocean Sharma is also a part of this.

Moreover, the official BGMI website features YouTube videos of these gamers.  

Krafton’s Partnerships & Investments:

Krafton has recognised the hype for BGMI. There are millions of active users daily. The company is creating more partnerships in India for a better esports environment.

Also, earlier they announced that they are building a new esports ecosystem. In this, there will be numerous events organised for Indian players. For this, they will work together with the famous organisations like ESL India. 

After the release of BGMI, the company made some huge investments in Indian companies. They invested $9 million in the live streaming platform – ‘Loco’. 

Overall, Krafton has invested ~$70 Mn (~ Rs 510 Cr) in the following –

  • Nodwin Gaming
  • Loco 
  • Pratilipi

These are 3 Indian startups.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Esports

BGMI dominates the esports sector. Furthermore, Krafton has made an official announcement about hosting events. There are, on the other hand, forthcoming competitions aimed specifically at an Indian audience.

As a result, India will be invited to international tournaments as well. In the same way that the Chinese players do in ‘Game For Peace.’

Krafton has yet to provide an update on this. However, we will soon see Indian teams playing at international level. In addition, Krafton may release a game update to accommodate this.

“The Launch Party” came to a conclusion recently. The tournament featured 18 invited teams of well-known streamers.

Furthermore, team Snax took first place with four Chicken Dinners. The event was live streamed to over 450k people. This demonstrates the game’s enormous popularity in India.

To conclude, there will be more fascinating events in the future. It will be thrilling to witness the BGIS event. You must participate if you have your team ready.

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