Battlegrounds Mobile India Release : Everything You Need to Know

Krafton drops a hint about the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on its official social media handle. 

Since the November of 2020, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of PUBG Mobile. However, the government of India did not allow the game to release, disappointing the fans. Hence, on the 6th of May, Krafton introduced a new game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, exclusively for India fans. 

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Since the announcement of BGMI, all the fans are eagerly waiting for its release. However, Krafton has not revealed any official date regarding the release of the game. However, in a recent post by Krafton on BGMI’s official social media handles, they dropped a hint about the game’s release. Besides, many streamers, professional players, and content creators have also dropped hints about the game’s release date. 

BGMI hints at the release on social media.

According to the post, it seems like the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India is around the corner. Krafton has continuously been teasing the game but has not revealed any date. 

(Image via Krafton Inc.)

Moreover, we can speculate that the game will release with a final trailer of game.

Tweets of streamers, professional players, and content creators


On the 27th of May, Maxtern tweeted a sequence of 0s and 1s followed by the word “Enjoy”. Most fans speculated that the tweet is somehow relevant to the BGMI release date.

However, one of the fans tried to reveal the hidden message in sequence. After some mathematical tries, he was successful to solve the series and got the answer as “18062021”, which might mean 18/06/2021. However, Maxtern has not confirmed whether the tweet was relevant to the game’s release date or not. 


Naman “Mortal” Mathur simple tweeted 12345 and said the date is hidden in the numbers. Hence, according to Mortal, the date will probably be the 12th of June or the 23rd of June. 


Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare tweeted that the game will release in the third week of June. 


Luv “GodNixon” Sharma tweeted “Chose a number between 10-20”. It is speculated that this tweet is relevant to the release of BGMI. However, it is not confirmed.

All the fans are eagerly waiting for the game to release. However, except for the hints, Krafton has not announced anything officially yet. Besides, Krafton has done an excellent job of creating the hype of the game. 

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