Battlegrounds Mobile India Series

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series to be The First Esports Event

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is Krafton’s first official tournament. Krafton was about to announce it on July 15. However, yesterday, the details got leaked.  

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is the first BGMI tournament. It is open for all players. The event will start with in-game qualifiers.

(Image Cr: Krafton)

Moreover, during ‘The Launch Party’ event, Krafton teased their upcoming event. On July 15, 2021 they will make an official announcement.   

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series Dates: 

The qualifier-matches begin on August 2, 2021. Also, players can register their teams if they are in the Platinum tier.

This event will run for two months. It will conclude in the second week of October. 

BMIS Prize Pool: 

BMIS has a massive prize pool of Rs 1 Crore. 

  • First Position – 50 lakh INR
  • Second – 25 lakh INR 
  • Third – 10 lakh INR

BGMI Esports:

BGMI is a huge part of the esports industry. Moreover, Krafton has officially announced about organising events. In contrast, there are upcoming tournaments specific to Indian audience.

Subsequently, India will get an invitation in the international tournaments too. Just like the Chinese players play through ‘Game For Peace’. 

At present, Krafton hasn’t made any update on this. But, very soon we will see Indian teams competing against other countries. In addition, Krafton might bring an update to the game to support this. 

Recently, ‘The Launch Party’ event ended. 18 invited teams of the famous streamers competed in the event.

Moreover, team Snax won the event with 4 Chicken Dinners. More than 450k people watched the event live. This shows the great hype for the game in India. 

To sum up, there are more exciting events ahead. The BMIS event will be exciting to watch. If you have your team ready, then you must participate.

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