Vikendi 2.0

Battlegrounds Mobile India teases the release of Vikendi 2.0

The official Instagram handle of Battlegrounds Mobile India posted an image, which seems to be a teaser of Vikendi 2.0 coming to the game.

Moreover, the caption of the post reads, “Who’s excited?” This caption might refer to the excitement of the re-release of Vikendi.

Vikendi 2.0 to Battlegrounds Mobile India soon

On the 7th of April 2021, Krafton released the sixth map of PUBG Mobile, Karakin. However, with the release of Karakin, Vikendi was removed from the game. Krafton did not reveal the exact reason for the removal of the map, but we speculate that it was removed to release Vikendi 2.0 later. 

Vikendi 2.0 is the remastered version of Vikendi, which will bring a ton of new changes to the map. Krafton released it in March 2020 for PC and Console versions of the game. Moreover, most likely, Krafton will release the same version for Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Image via Krafton

New map will be an improved version of the previous version. It will have more grass and trees with less snow. Moreover, it will have railroads and trains. Players can use these trains to travel from one part to another part of the map. 

Developers have altered various areas of Vikendi in the upcoming version. As Dino Park is a famous drop location, developers have increased the area of Dino Park. Moreover, developers have removed some locations such as Tovar and Movatra, and expanded Volnova and Abbey.

Finally, Krafton teased the Vikendi map on its official Instagram handle, which might mean that Vikendi will re-release soon in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Krafton has done a tremendous job in upgrading Vikendi to Vikendi 2.0 in PC and Console. However, it will be exciting to see how they will implement the update in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

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