PUBG Mobile India to come back as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The official website of PUBG Mobile India has links with a new creative asset. 

The game will probably come back as ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. 

There’s no doubt that game is coming soon. In contrast, PUBG Mobile India’s  new trailer was teased two days back. hosted the ‘Diwali Coming Soon’ creative. The new poster was too, found via an embedded link on Vimeo. 

Moreover, there is another private video on Vimeo along with this thumbnail. 

Krafton Inc. registered a new website ‘’ on

April 7,2021.

According to the recent news, PUBG Mobile India will be a bit different.

About PUBG Mobile Ban:

The government of India decided to ban PUBG Mobile in September 2020. 

Since then, it has been a hot topic whether PUBG Mobile will return or not. 

Later in November 2020, the announcement of PUBG Mobile India excited the whole Indian PUBG Mobile community. However, since then, all players have been waiting for the launch of the game.

Many rumours were spreading about the launch dates of the game. However, none of them were true.

Many streamers said that the trailers were not supposed to be released on 

April 29,2021. On the other hand, some people say that it was for creating a greater hype.

The discovery of the new name of the game has the community excited even more. All the players are eagerly waiting for the launch of the game, more than ever.

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