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BGIS might start in the December 2021

BGIS, the most-awaited BGMI event of 2021. BGIS is scheduled to start from the first week of December 2021.

The BGIS Qualifiers, the first stage of the tournament, will start from the first week of December 2021. Moreover, according to the previous PMIS event, we speculate that the tournament will last for two months, and the grand finals will conclude around the first week of February 2022.

BGIS Start Date, Prize pool, and more 

BGIS – Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is the first official BGMI esports tournament, which is open to all players. This tournament has a massive prize pool of INR 10,000,000 or ₹1 Crore. 

Krafton has split BGIS into five stages In-game qualifiers, Online Qualifiers, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Grand Finals. From the In-game qualifiers, a total of 1024 teams will advance to Online Qualifiers. However, only 64 teams will qualify from Online Qualifiers to Quarter Finals. Only 24 teams will advance to the Semifinals. Further, out of 24 teams, only 16 teams will get a slot in the Grand Finals.

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BGIS Delay Issue

Krafton originally planned to host BGIS on the 2nd of August 2021 only on the Android platform. However, due to some unknown reasons, Krafton extended the registration date of BGIS till the 30th of July 2021.

However, even after the 30th of July 2021, the tournament kept on delaying. Moreover, even after the game’s release on the iOS platform, Krafton did not announce anything regarding BGIS.  

According to Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare, the coach of GodLike Esports’s BGMI line-up, Krafton was delaying the tournament to work on the issue of hackers in BGMI.

Since the release of BGMI on the 2nd of July 2021, hackers have been an enormous problem towards the development and fair play of the game. A lot of streamers and content creators were disappointed by the hackers in the game. Hence, Krafton was working on a solution to get rid of hackers before BGIS.

The developers updated the Anti-cheat system of BGMI multiple times, which eventually helped reduce the number of hackers. Krafton permanently banned over 2.5 million accounts and temporarily banned over 700k accounts between the 1st of October and the 10th of November. This reduced the number of hackers by a massive amount. 

As the new Anti-Cheat system massively reduced the number of hackers, Krafton finally decided to kick start BGIS from the first week of December. Krafton made the fair play of the game their top priority, which resulted in the delay of the tournament. 

As Krafton has revealed the BGIS start date, they will be releasing more information about the tournament soon. However, we still have to wait for further announcements. 

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