BGIS Quarter Finals

BGIS Quarter Finals : Groups, Teams, Schedule and More

BGIS Quarter Finals will go live on 2 January 2022. The top 64 teams from BGIS Online Qualifiers will fight in this round.

Round 3 was full of intense fights and surprises as some experienced teams were eliminated. Most of the new teams performed well.

BGIS Quarter Finals : Schedule

All the teams are divided into 4 groups. Moreover, each group will play 6 matches. 

In the BGIS Quarter Finals, we will finally get to watch action on the Sanhok map. Sanhok will act as a game changer. Only the team with the best strategy and game-sense will win on Sanhok.

The teams will play the following maps –

  1. Erangel – 5.45 pm
  2. Miramar – 6.40 pm
  3. Erangel – 7.30 pm
  4. Sanhok – 8.25 pm
  5. Miramar – 9.15 pm
  6. Erangel – 10.10 pm

In contrast, Miramar also has been a game-changer. The experienced teams played better on Miramar in the Round 3.

BGIS Quarter Finals will conclude on 5 January. The top 6 teams from each group will qualify for the Semifinals.

BGIS Quarter Finals Groups :

Krafton has announced the following groups –

On day 1, that is 2 January, the group 3 teams will fight. Group 3 has Global Esports, Team Forever, 7Sea Esports, Hyderabad Hydras and Revenant Esports (invited teams).

It will be interesting to watch these matches, as this time, there are more matches. 

Further Rounds : 

The next rounds of BGIS will be held on the following dates –

Semi Finals : 

  • Dates : 7-10 January 2022 
  • Furthermore, 16 teams will move to the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals :  

  • 13-16 January 2022 (Champion)
  • BGIS Winners will get a slot in the PMGC Finals 2021.

In conclusion, the quarter finals will be tough. The competition gets intense and underdog teams are still giving great performances. Don’t miss out on these matches!

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