BGIS registration problem

BGIS registration problem: How to solve the “… already exist” problem?

Many players are facing a BGIS registration problem. This problem does not allow the players to register with the same information if players close the tab midway while registering. Recently, many players have encountered this problem. However, luckily, we have found a fix for this issue.

Since the BGIS registration has started, some players are facing a BGIS registration problem. If players fill the registration form and close the tab or browser without submitting it, Krafton still considers the registration without the player knowing it. However, players do not receive an email regarding such registration. Moreover, if they try to register again, it shows that the player has already registered.

This problem was very severe. However, the players expected that Krafton would soon fix it or find a solution. But, Krafton did not address the problem. So, Esports91 tried to find a fix for this issue, and we were successful. In this article, we will show you how to solve BGIS “… already exist” problem. 

How to solve the BGIS registration problem “… already exist?”

To solve this particular issue, players have to send an email to the support team of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players should send this email from the email address they entered when trying to register. Moreover, this email should consist of Team Name and the email player used while registering. This is how your email should look like:

After sending this email, players will receive a reply within a couple of days. This reply will look like:

Clicking on the link will redirect the players to a web page where they can change their team’s information. Moreover, players don’t have to create the team again, and this link will allow the players to edit the team made earlier. Following these steps will solve the BGIS registration problem.

About BGIS registration

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is the first official BGMI esports tournament. The registration for this tournament began on the 19th of July, and it was supposed to end on the 1st of August. However, due to some unknown reasons, the ending date for the registration is extended. Krafton will soon announce the date at which the registration will end.

If you haven’t registered, click here to go to the BGIS registration web page.

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