BGIS Semifinalist Teams List

BGIS Semifinalist Teams List : Everything You Need to Know

BGIS Semifinalist Teams List is finally out now. BGIS Semi Finals will be live between 7-10 January 2022. The top 24 teams from the Quarter Finals will fight in this round. 

BGIS Semifinalist Teams :

The following are the BGIS Semifinalist Teams –

Group 1 : 

  1. Skylightz Gaming
  2. OR Esports
  3. Orgless 5
  4. TSM
  5. Team X Spark
  6. Celsius Esports 

Group 2 :

  1. Reckoning Esports 
  2. Team Chicken Rushers
  3. 247 Gaming
  4. Team XO
  5. UDOG India 
  6. The Supari Gang

Group 3 :

  1. Hyderabad Hydras
  2. 7 Sea Esports
  3. Old Hood ESP
  4. Only Glitch
  5. Revenant Esports

Group 4 :

However, matches didn’t go well for Team Soul and Team Insane. As a result, they got eliminated. 

The zone took some crazy shifts on the final day. On the Erangel map, it took a hard shift near the water area. It gave an advantage to the teams on the shore, as well as free finishes. 

BGIS Semi Finals Schedule & Format

The 24 teams from the Quarter finals will be divided into 3 groups. BGIS Semi Finals will be live on 7 Jan. in the evening, and will end on 10 Jan. Moreover, every group will play 8 matches. 

The 16 teams with the highest points will advance to the grand finals.

Till round 3, teams played Erangel and Miramar. Then Krafton added one Sanhok match, during the Quarter Finals. This was a game changer for teams.

As a result, some more invited teams were eliminated, and the new teams have shown their potential.

Grand Finals :

BGIS Grand Finals will be live between 13-16 January. The top teams from the Semi-Finals will play 24 matches over the course of four days. 

The squad with the highest total score after 24 matches will be the winner of BGIS 2021. 

To sum up, there’s a lot of action ahead, so get ready to cheer for your favourite team!

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