BGMI Anti Cheat System

BGMI Anti Cheat System : Krafton Gives An Update on Cheating

Krafton is still working on the BGMI Anti Cheat system. Recently, they gave an update regarding the cheaters. In October, Krafton banned over 2 million accounts for cheating.

However, players are still facing cheaters in the game. Somewhere cheaters seem to be in control but they are still there. 

Krafton says that the BGMI Anti Cheat system is constantly evolving and they are looking into the matter very seriously.

Accounts banned between October 1 – November 10 :- 

  • Permanently banned : 2,519,692 accounts
  • Temporarily banned : 706,319 accounts

BGMI Anti Cheat system :

On September 30, Krafton announced that fair gameplay is their priority. They took various measures to ban cheaters. 

They kept an eye on the Top Rankings in BGMI. Furthermore, they banned the cheaters who promoted and sold the illegal programs.

In contrast, the company would take the following actions – 

  1. Stronger Cheat Detection and Banning Mechanism
  2. Permabans
  3. Manually verify and ban any accounts that use or promote illegal programs among high-rankers.
  4. Blocking YouTube channels

However, in the case of cheat detection, Krafton has yet to work a lot. Hopefully, they will build a stronger system.

Earlier, they banned accounts temporarily with a warning. But now, they don’t give a second chance. The accounts are getting banned permanently.

They are monitoring accounts that used or promoted illegal programs among high-rankers in real-time. If there’s any illegal program found, Krafton will ban them permanently immediately.

Cheats on YouTube :

So many cheaters were live streaming and promoting cheats on YouTube. Krafton’s team is monitoring real-time in YouTube for any such channels. They block these channels while working with YouTube.

To sum up, the company is working on the BGMI Anti Cheat system. The game will be free of cheaters very soon. Hopefully, BGIS too, will start very soon.

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